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Solutions for organisations

We provide online solutions designed to help organisations working with people in financial need

We specialise in building bespoke calculators for organisations which are designed with the user in mind, which provide optimised benefit solutions for entitlement checks through to claim form processing.

Why are these calculators important for your organisation?

Our online calculators for organisations are:

  • Relevant, accessible, accurate and authoritative
  • Hosted & branded service – you just put up a link
  • Customisable through a content management system
  • Full management information and statistics
  • Up and running in days

How much does the service cost?

Local Authorities, Housing Associations and welfare to work and other organisations can subscribe to a simple tariff that depends on the size of your organisation. This is based on an annual licence.

What products are available for your organisation?

Adviser calculator


An enhanced web based calculator specifically designed to support advisers.
More information at

Find out more about the affordability calculator

Affordability calculator

An online solution designed to determine tenancy sustainability.
More information at

Find out more about the better off calculator

Better off calculator

An online solution designed for advisers helping clients into work.
More information at

Find out more about the budgeting tool

Budgeting tool

An online solution designed to support personal budgeting and money management.
More information at

Find out more about the online claim form

Claim form

A complete online claim solution with full integration with adviser and public calculators.
More information at


Council Tax Support calculator

A web based Council Tax Support calculator to help local authorities explain schemes to their customers.
More information at

More information about mobile solutions

Mobile solutions

Mobile calculators specifically optimised for users of mobiles & tablet devices.
More information at


Pension age calculator

An online solution that calculates pension age and State Pension qualifying age.
More information at

More information about public calculators

Public calculator

Full feature calculator for your customers to self-serve (includes unlimited better off capability).
More information at


Key features and unique benefits:

  • Labelled to your organisational branding
  • Updated for all legislation changes at entitledto’s cost
  • Independently checked for accuracy
  • Hosted on entitledto’s site – all you need is a link from your website
  • No security issues as data is anonymous
  • Comprehensive Management Information suite
  • All the calculators will be up and running within three weeks from contract signature

Our clients

We have over 180 clients in a range of sectors. Our clients include:


We have used the entitledto service for a number of years. The customer friendly application is very popular with claimants and advisers. It encourages customers to use the digital options available. With such an easy to use self-serve system, our front line resources can be targeted at other areas, improving our services.

Harminder Persad, London Borough of Hounslow

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We understand that your privacy is really important, and that the anonymous, independent nature of's service is vital.

So we promise:

1. To respect your privacy. Your email address will NOT be associated with the information you input into the benefits calculator. The answers you provide will not be retained in our system.

As different parts of the benefits system change, we may want to notify you of specific changes which might affect you personally. For example, if you are entitled to Universal Credit, we might send you updates on that topic. However, we will NOT keep information that associates specific users with particular figures or other information of that sort.

At present we do not do this. If that changes, we’ll let you know.

2. Never to resell your information or use it for marketing purposes. We will ONLY use it to keep you up to date about changes, or proposed changes to the benefits system.

3. You'll always be able to unsubscribe, if you'd like to, for any reason.