Better off calculator for professionals

Use the better off calculator for professionals to provide accurate assessments of benefits in a matter of minutes

* Clearly illustrates the financial benefits of moving into work
* Full management information & statistics
* Simple & easy to use

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Key features for professionals

  • Straightforward presentation of better off result, including graphical presentation of how changes affect entitlements
  • Quick and accurate benefit and tax credit calculations using a minimum number of screens
  • Detailed help information on the questions the professional needs to complete the calculation
  • Detailed breakdown of the calculations underlying estimates, including numerous 'what ifs'
  • Results can be saved and printed for issue to your client

The better off calculator is being used by Ingeus to great effect. It is easy to use and the presentation is perfect for clients to understand their financial position when moving into work.

Patrick Widdowson, Ingeus UK Ltd

Why are these calculators important?

Facing a real term budget squeeze and significant changes to benefits legislation, including the introduction of Universal Credit, you’ll need tools to keep your clients focussed on getting back to work. The entitledto better off calculator for professionals will significantly improve the performance of your advisers at a low incremental cost.

The system is straightforward, quick and easy to complete, with an excellent reporting system which keeps our management team happy. I believe this tool will make a massive difference to our consultants and help to give Maximus an edge in the welfare to work sector, enabling us to guide more people into work.

Jo Barker, Maximus

Unique benefits

  • Seamless switching to Universal Credit
  • Updated for all legislation changes
  • Independently checked for accuracy
  • Hosted and accessed via a link
  • No security issues as data is anonymous
  • Comprehensive Management Information suite
  • Up and running within two weeks of sign-up

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