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What are you entitled to?

Welcome to entitledto's free benefit calculator. To find out what you might be able to claim enter your details and you'll receive an estimate of your entitlement to benefits, tax credits and Universal Credit. If you work for an organisation please see our tools for organisations.

Do you have a partner who normally lives with you?

Say yes if you are married or live with someone as a couple (including in a civil partnership or living as if you're civil partners):

How many children are in your household?

Include any children under 16, and any children aged 16 to 19 years old who you still get Child Benefit for. If you share custody, you should only include children if you receive Child Benefit for them. If you are pregnant or adopting and include the expected child we will calculate your benefits assuming the child is born/adopted. Do not include an expected child if you want to find out your current entitlements.

Does anyone else live in your home?

For instance, a grown up child, elderly parent, joint tenant, sub-tenant or lodger.

How many other adults live with you?

Which best describes your current housing status?

Are you a British or Irish citizen living in the UK?

Are you in hospital/residential care, a prisoner, on strike, living abroad or a full-time student?

Do you (or your partner) already claim or plan to claim Universal Credit?

Only say yes to this question if:
-You are already claiming Universal Credit, or
-You will be starting a new benefits claim and Universal Credit has already arrived in your area, meaning you will be asked to apply for it.
If you are not sure, our Universal Credit Postcode Checker gives the date your postcode is affected.

Work out my entitlements for year:

What is your postcode?

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